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Disability Advocate Social Security Claimant Representatives have been advocating for our clients and helping them get the Social Security benefits they’re entitled to since 1997. Since they started their family business more than 20 years ago, Newsha and Farah Lindsay have been here to assist you with all of your Social Security needs – whether you are dealing with a denial or your first application for benefits. Our well-established company is fully bonded, licensed, and insured. We’ve invested a great deal of time and effort into developing a solid reputation as the Ridgecrest region’s most knowledgeable and considerate Social Security advocates.

We think it’s crucial that you are fully informed about the Social Security system. You will come to learn everything there is to know about Social Security benefits, and we’ll make sure you have complete confidence in our ability to fight for you. We are fully cognizant of how difficult and rigorous the process can be, so we are always here to address your concerns and answer all your questions. Our objective is to simplify things as much as possible for you. We are a group of representatives with the expertise and track record of success your case necessitates – we are not attorneys. Contact us now to begin receiving the personalized support you so richly deserve.

Working with Us is Easy

Get Help from the Comfort of Your Own Home

We’d be happy to help you via phone, because we specialize in simplifying every part of the Social Security process. We know you’re probably already overwhelmed by the fine details of your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim. It is a privilege to be given the task of lightening your load because we take our roles extremely seriously. If you’d prefer to consult with us over the phone, we’re happy to accommodate you!

Proven Results

We’ve spent the past 25 years learning all about the Social Security Administration (SSA), Social Security claims, and all applicable laws and regulations. There isn’t a Ridgecrest Social Security lawyer in town who’s more knowledgeable about this process! You can be confident that we are the best group to represent you because we are specialists in Social Security claims and never stray from our area of expertise. We are always attending meetings to stay up to date on any developments in Social Security law, and we never stop learning new information that could aid in securing our clients’ sorely-needed benefits. If you’re thinking about hiring a disability law firm, get in touch with us first. We can’t wait to prove how beneficial it is to work with one of our skilled representatives!

No Fees Unless We Win

When you’re already dealing with the stress and uncertainty of an issue with your Social Security benefits, the last thing you need is to pay unnecessary fees to your SSDI benefits lawyer. When you hire Disability Advocate, you can concentrate your efforts elsewhere and leave the details in our capable hands. If we win your case, just take a 25% fee out of your first retroactive check. It would be difficult to find a California disability lawyer who could guarantee that you won’t pay any unexpected fees, upfront charges, or hourly costs – but that’s exactly what you get when you choose us.

The Incomparable Disability Advocate Advantage

Disability Advocate Social Security Claimant Representatives take a distinctive approach to your case to enhance your chances of winning. We customize our approach to each case using our own proven-effective techniques because we are aware that every client is special, in contrast to many Social Security disability attorneys who choose impersonal, formulaic procedures. We’ll collaborate closely with your physicians to fully understand your unique diagnoses. We’ll also use our unique questionnaires to support your claim with all the pertinent information. Every member of our team is caring, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. We fully understand the procedures involved in obtaining your disability benefits, and we won’t give up until we’ve taken all required actions in that direction.

Social Security Disability Claims

The future can seem uncertain when you have a disability that interferes with both your way of life and your ability to earn a living. People with disabilities who can’t work because of a physical or mental condition may be eligible for SSDI benefits. It can be unfairly difficult to receive the benefits to which you are legally entitled, despite the fact that disability benefits are created especially for people in these situations. If your claim has been rejected or if you have any queries regarding the claims process, your first notion might be to get in touch with an SSDI benefits attorney or SSDI appeals attorney. Not only do we provide you with the support and guidance you need, but we do so without the exorbitant fees a Social Security disability lawyer might charge. To help you navigate these obstacles and move forward toward a more stress-free and promising future, we will be by your side at every single turn.

Because of much-needed Social Security benefits, many deserving individuals have been able to handle their finances as they deal with unpredictable medical circumstances. Unfortunately, many applicants are initially denied benefits because of the difficulty of the application process and their choice to send their applications without aid from one of our advocates or a Social Security disability attorney. Every day, we encounter clients who have financial adversity as a result of the excessively long wait times for application approval. Your representatives are prepared to fight to have your benefits disbursed as soon as possible because we recognize that the clock is ticking. We have the same knowledge as a California disability attorney, but we only get paid if your application is accepted. We won’t ever stop advocating on your behalf!

Supplemental Security Income Claims

With the aid of SSI benefits, resource-constrained low-income people with disabilities can pay for necessities like housing, clothing, and food. No one should ever struggle to meet their own basic needs, so we’re here to help you get the money you require. We would be honored if you would think of our modest family business when you’re looking for a Ridgecrest Social Security attorney to assist you with your SSI application or guide you through the process of submitting a prompt and thorough appeal. Since we are familiar with the technicalities, strict deadlines, and complicated procedures the Social Security Administration has put in place, we are the experts you need to lead you along this confusing road. You can rest assured that your case will always be our top priority, and we will address any concerns you may have at any stage of the process. We consider it an honor to serve as your support system and to get you on the road to a successful future.

We aren’t Social Security disability lawyers – we’re your advocates in the fight for the Social Security benefits you so richly deserve! Give us a call today at 818-998-8004.